Thursday, July 13

4–7 pm

Deniz Sözen
Mother(-Countries) – Mother(-Tongues)

In the workshop, the artist invites participants to search for traces – in the crevi­ ces and sounds of mother tongue(s), diaspora and migration, in text, word and song. Remembered and imagined sounds, words, images and smells of mothers – their bodies, languages and voices – serve as material. The potential of multi­ lingual voices of mothers will be explored through whispering, singing, crying, clapping and laughing – and by creating a collective sound collage.

Workshop for mothers and carers, Ger./ Eng., on-site childcare – please register.

Deniz Sözen is a visual artist, researcher and teacher. Building on her practice-based PhD “The Art of Un-Belonging” (2019). She is a lecturer in art history at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her work explores decolonising methodologies, archival practice, diaspora and multilingualism.