Friday, July 7, 4–7 pm

claudia* sandoval romero
© claudia* sandoval romero (Embera indigenous women, photograph from the Botanical Garden of Vienna depicting “Amerika”, coca leaves and a frottage of a coca leaf.)

claudia* sandoval romero
Recovering Life, Part 2

Following the first part of her* action, the artist invites us to collectively build a new social fabric and inhabit the world differently. We prepare drinks with herbs and talk about women*’s health and mother*hood in the arts.

Lecture performance & action, Eng./Ger./Spa.

claudia* sandoval romero is an Austrian Colombian journalist and artist. Her* artistic approach is fuelled by the urge to create pedagogical spaces where a horizontal exchange can take place that contributes to a reflection on loss, grief and renewal for women* who have been denied a position in the art field, i.e. a counter-epistemology.