Friday&Saturday, July 14 & July 15, 3–6 pm

Lena Rosa Händle
© Gerhild Soyka-Silber

Lena Rosa Händle
Of Feathers, Earth and Leaves: Creating Community with Nature

For Mothering Communities, the artist researched the pedagogy of the British Forest School and developed two workshops for children and their companions as an artistic­creative exchange process with nature. The focus is on getting to know materials from nature and experimenting with them.
The forest is explored, found objects are collected and magic wands, jewellery, small sculptures or even witches, fairies, robots and animals are created.

Friday, July 14, 3–6 pm
Headdresses, forest jewellery and magic wands (for age 4+), get-together
Saturday, July 15, 3–6 pm
Muddy faces: witches, fairies, robots and animals (for age 2+)

Workshops for children and accompanying adults, Ger./Eng., – please register.

Lena Rosa Händle is an artist and lecturer in artistic photography. In her installations, collages, photographs and sculptures, she negotiates the social realities, perceptions and cultural codes of the people she encounters. Informed by a spirit of openness, her practice foregrounds utopian potentials for a more liveable future.