claudia* sandoval romero
© claudia* sandoval romero (Maria Sibylla Merian’s image on the 500 Mark bill, an image of
Vulcans from the Botanical Expedition in Abya Yala, her illustration of Poinciana (Caesalpinia) pulcherrima and the plant in the herbarium of the Linnean Society of Lond

claudia* sandoval romero
Recovering Life, part 1

Based on her* work with an abortion garden in the 6th district, the* artist* invi­ tes you to a multi­part, multi­lingual and multi­voiced action with the collective **Abya Yala De(s)colonial – Claudia Alanes, Catherine Gómez, Angie González Narváez, Marisel Orellana Bongola and Marivel Saldaña Torres. The gathering focuses on plant­based women’s medicine and addresses reproductive self­ determination.

Lecture performance & action, Eng./ Ger./ Spa.

claudia* sandoval romero is an Austrian Colombian journalist and artist. Her* artistic approach is fuelled by the urge to create pedagogical spaces where a horizontal exchange can take place that contributes to a reflection on loss, grief and renewal for women* who have been denied a position in the art field, i.e. a counter-epistemology.